Volume 1, Issue 1, July 2007

Table of Contents


Investing in Education? Yes, But What Sort of Education?  | 
N. A. Mujumdar 1-3
Total views: 233
A Micro-Finance Model for Rural India  | 
N. K. Thingalaya 4-13
Total views: 349
Trade Policy and Competitiveness of Indian Agriculture in the Global Market  | 
N. S. Shetty 14-26
Total views: 243
Micro Finance to Micro Enterprises: Issues and Concerns  | 
M. S. Moodithaya 27-48
Total views: 247
Competency Evaluation of Project Managers in it Industry Using Simulation Gaming  | 
Vinit Thakur 51-54
Total views: 225
WTO and its Implications for Indian Agriculture  | 
N. S. Shetty, N. K. Thingalaya, M. S. Moodithaya 55-75
Total views: 242

Book Review

Karnataka: Fifty Years of Banking Development  | 
R. D. Pandya 49-50
Total views: 238