Volume 3, Issue 1, July 2009

Table of Contents


The Indian Economy - Some Challenges Ahead  | 
C. Rangarajan 1-3
Total views: 227
Unprecedented Investment Opportunities and Formidable Protests: The Case of Coastal Karnataka  | 
G. V. Joshi 4-16
Total views: 240
Financial Inclusion in India - Yet Another Ritual or an Integrated Tool for Poverty Alleviation?  | 
Chowdari Prasad, B. Yerram Raju 17-28
Total views: 264
Sustainable Development through Women Empowerment: A Study of Performance and Possibilities of SHGS in India  | 
P. Vasanthakumari 29-38
Total views: 236
A Study of Leadership Styles of Women Leaders of Nonprofit Organizations in India  | 
Triparna Vasavada 39-50
Total views: 336
Financing Infrastructure Projects in an Evolving Setting  | 
K. U. Mada 51-53
Total views: 222
Handling Gender Issues in Corporate Sector: An IT Industry Perspective  | 
P. N. Rohini Hande 54-65
Total views: 224
Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Compact in India: A Review  | 
Babitha Vishwanath 66-75
Total views: 235

Book Review

Genesis and Survival of Banks in South India. Banks In The South: Past, Present and Their Future  | 
R. D. Pandya 76-77
Total views: 245