Volume 4, Issue 1, July 2010

Table of Contents


Redesigning and Rebuilding Growth Process in the Indian Economy  | 
Narendra Jadhav 1-7
Total views: 236
Diaspora Between Asymmetric and Behavioral Theories in the Indian IPO Markets  | 
H. N. Shivaprasad, R. Deepak 8-15
Total views: 247
Impact of Trainee Characteristics on Transfer of Training  | 
S. Manju, B. H. Suresh 16-22
Total views: 277
Recession, Recovery and Resurgence in the Indian Economy: Myth and Reality  | 
N. S. Shetty 23-29
Total views: 249
Management of Participative Approach to Planning for Rural Development  | 
G. V. Joshi 30-37
Total views: 241
Lesson from Downturn: Good Governance for Recovery and Resurgence  | 
K. Sudhir Raj 38-41
Total views: 230
Challenges of E-Governance at the District Level A Case Study  | 
M. S. Moodithaya, N. K. Thingalaya, N. S. Shetty, Sona Shetty 42-52
Total views: 250

Book Review

That Farmer With His Magnificent Flying Mission  | 
N. K. Thingalaya 53-56
Total views: 238

Campus Events

National Conference on Recession, Recovery and Resurgence: Responses in the Indian Economy  | 
Total views: 221
Second Nitte International Conference on Re-Defining the Roles of Business, NGOs and Governments: A Mission for a Better Global Society  | 
Total views: 214