Volume 6, Issue 1, July 2012

Table of Contents


New India: Moving towards an Exciting World of Opportunities  | 
K. V. Kamath 1-5
Total views: 226
Beyond the Shareholder - Stakeholder Tug-of-War: Introducing Emergent Action  | 
K. Sankaran 6-19
Total views: 315
Microfinance Institutions and Priority Sector Credit: Strange Mix Up  | 
N. K. Thingalaya 20-24
Total views: 237
Institutionalism and Culture in Strategies of Multinational Firms: Case of Johnson Controls Inc  | 
Jose G. Vargas-Hernandez 25-42
Total views: 421
Local Self-Government in India: An overview  | 
D. Rajasekhar 43-50
Total views: 251
Management and Leadership in Rural Development: The Case of SKDRDP  | 
G. V. Joshi 51-72
Total views: 418
Issues and Challenges of Expanding Financial Inclusion in the North-Eastern States  | 
N. S. Shetty, Sona P. Rai 73-105
Total views: 275
Participative Decision Making Process in Banks: A Case Study of Corporation Bank and Syndicate Bank  | 
K. Ashalatha 106-118
Total views: 259
Association between Quality of Life, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Stress Among Call Center Employees: An Analysis  | 
K. V. Sebastin, R. Shivappa 119-130
Total views: 336

Book Review

Visionary Leadership for Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage  | 
Ravishankar 131-134
Total views: 221