Volume 6, Issue 2, December 2012

Table of Contents


Social Sciences in the Asian Age: Toward A New Paradigm  | 
Kiyofumi Kawaguchi 1-4
Total views: 246
Development Challenges: Scaling up Non-Profit Initiatives for Societal Impact  | 
Lucas C. P. M. Meijs 5-11
Total views: 264
Development Challenges: Global Aspirations and Local Realities - The Indian Perspective  | 
N. K. Thingalaya 12-15
Total views: 243
Enterprise-Enabling Technology and Rural Women: A Study in Coastal Karnataka  | 
S. Ganesh Bhat 16-27
Total views: 264
Sustainability of Groundwater in South Asia: Need for Management through Institutional Change  | 
Achiransu Acharyya 28-38
Total views: 245
Interplay of the Dimensions of Pedagogy: Getting the Quadrant Right  | 
K. Sankaran 39-45
Total views: 248
Bank Finance for Agribusiness in a Dynamic Setting  | 
G. V. Joshi, Krishna Prasad 46-52
Total views: 315
Financial Sustainability, Outreach and Impact of Microfinance Institutions - Is There a Trade-Off?  | 
K. Naveen Kumar 53-62
Total views: 357
Shaping Personality: What Can Neuroscience Tell Us?  | 
K. Sudhir Raj 63-67
Total views: 261
Challenging Task of Tackling Child Labour Problem  | 
G. V. Joshi 68-69
Total views: 238