Volume 8, Issue 1, July 2014

Table of Contents


The Idea of India in the 21st Century  | 
Vinod Vyasulu 1-13
Total views: 343
Human Development: Not a Bird's Eye View but a Worm's Eye View Required  | 
N. S. Shetty 14-23
Total views: 259
Sustainability and Talent Management: Two Important Emerging Areas of Strategic Management  | 
K. Sankaran 24-31
Total views: 329
Application of the Based Resources Theory in Agropark Ahualulco  | 
Jose G. Vargas-Hernandez 32-35
Total views: 451
Civil Society's Participation in Development: Need for an Inclusive Approach  | 
K. P. Shripathi 36-45
Total views: 215
Micro Insurance as Social Protection to the Rural Poor: An Empirical Study  | 
Vilas M. Kadrolkar 46-58
Total views: 286
Social Capital for Holistic Development: Issues and Challenges in India  | 
V. Basil Hans 59-67
Total views: 287
Internet Applications in Micro and Small Enterprises: Evidence of Significance of the Emergents  | 
Ravilochan Rao, K. Sudhir Raj 68-75
Total views: 229
Employment Generation for Poverty Alleviation and Human Development: Needed Redirections in Policies in India  | 
G. V. Joshi, Krishna Prasad 76-87
Total views: 255

Book Review

Gramin Banks - A Slowly Evolving Rural Financial Institution  | 
Nilakantha Rath 88-95
Total views: 217

Campus Events

The Fourth Nitte International Conference at JKSHIM, Nitte: December 29-30, 2014  | 
Krishna Prasad 96-97
Total views: 224