Volume 8, Issue 2, December 2014

Table of Contents


Business Schools and Responsible Management: A Long Road to Freedom  | 
Guénola Nonnet, Kerul Kassel, Lucas Mejis 1-10
Total views: 393
Assessing Quality of Educational Service by the Servqual Model: Viewpoints of Hotel Management Undergraduate Students at Manipal University in India  | 
Parvadhavardhini Gopalakrishnan 11-22
Total views: 631
Innovative Pedagogy: Implications of Genetic Decompositions for Problem Solving in Management Courses  | 
Deonarain Brijlall 23-31
Total views: 429
Optimizing Emotional Intelligence in Management Education: A Role for Vedic Sciences  | 
Rashmi M. Shetkar, Alex Hankey 32-36
Total views: 482
Need for Reforms in the Pedagogy of Management Education  | 
Malini Pande 37-42
Total views: 414
Uses and Application of Positive Psychology in Management Education Delivery  | 
N Jayarama Shetty 43-50
Total views: 363
Independent Regulatory Bodies in Higher Education - An Option  | 
Rachana Lankapalli 51-62
Total views: 422
A Framework for Ensuring Wellness of Faculty Members for Higher Education Effectiveness  | 
S. Ganesh Bhat 63-68
Total views: 467
Implication of Positive Psychology in Management Higher Education  | 
Disharag Shetty 69-75
Total views: 463
Creating an Environment for Student Centric Learning through Student Engagement - A Study  | 
Ravilochan Rao 76-81
Total views: 426
Understanding Status of Higher Education in India: Challenges and Scepticism towards Serious Investments in the Sector  | 
Rahul V Kumar 82-92
Total views: 470
Can Difference in Mode of Education Cause Difference in Self Concept amongst Students at the Higher Education Level?  | 
Priyanka Bose (Das), Ritwika Laskar 93-100
Total views: 368
Influence of Innovative Pedagogies and Evaluation Techniques on Past Graduate Students of S.S. Dempo College, Goa  | 
Cheryl Venan Dias, Venan Bonaventure Dias 101-114
Total views: 344
Preferences of Adult E-Learners towards Online Resources  | 
Laura Vatsala, Shubha Pissay 115-125
Total views: 342
The Growing Importance of Support for Learners and Faculty in Online Distance Education  | 
J. Johnsi Priya 126-132
Total views: 343
Management Education in India: Some Issues and Concerns  | 
N. K. Thingalaya 133-138
Total views: 354
Management Education in India: Trends, Relevance and Challenges Ahead  | 
N. S. Shetty 139-148
Total views: 402
Employment and Employability of MBA Graduates: Departure from Clamor to March towards Glamour  | 
G. V. Joshi 149-155
Total views: 370