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Struggles and Challenges in Development:Governance and Management Issues in a Regional Context


  • Justice K S Hegde Institute of Management, Nitte, India


Development is viewed here as a struggle involving clash of interests of different groups in different sectors namely, agriculture, industry, fisheries, tourism and education. The experiences in Dakshina Kannada, a coastal district of Karnataka, reveal that struggles and challenges in development in a region get intensified if the interests of that region conflict with the policies initiated at the macro level. This can also lead to a situation ' Development vs Environment'. The struggles and challenges in the course of development are influenced by a number of subjective factors including of course political factors operating both at the regional and macro levels. Dakshina Kannada provides an interesting case for tracing the history of different development experiences in a regional context and also for identifying governance and management issues calling for some redirections in policies for growth and development in different sectors in future.


Development Struggles, Urban Influence, Infrastructure, Environmental Struggles and Subjective Factors in Development.

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